Urine R/M


Stool R/M


Bile Salt


Stool Occult Blood


Bile Pigment


Stool Reducing Sugar


Urine Sugar


Stool PH


Urine Albumin


24 Hrs. Urine Uric Acid


Urine pH


24 Hrs. Urine Chloride


Urine Specific Gravity


24 Hrs. Urine Protein




24 Hrs. Urine Creatinine




24 Hrs. Urine Calcium


Ketone Bodies


24 Hrs. Urine Sodium


B.J. Protein


24 Hrs. Urine Potassium


Semen Analysis


24 Hrs. Urine Phosphorous


Sputum Examination


Albumin : Creatinine Ratio Urine


A.F.B. Staining (Z-N STAINING)


Urine Culture & Sensitivity


Gram's Staining


Semen Culture & Sensitivity


Fungal Scrapping


Sputum Culture & Sensitivity


Urethral Smear Examination


Pus Culture & Sensitivity


Wet Smear Preparation


Stool Culture & Sensitivity




Throat Swab Culture & Sensitivity




Vaginal Swab Culture & Sensitivity


A.F.B. Culture


Ascitic Fluid Culture & Sensitivity


Blood Culture & Sensitivity


Pleural Fluid Culture & Sensitivity


Stone Analysis


C.S.F. Culture & Sensitivity






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